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Best Products for Mom and Baby

More Naturals has a special place in the heart for mom and baby.

If you've spent a bit of time on our website, it should be clear that we're all about organic ingredients — clean, vegan, and natural products. It's part of our mission to contribute to a more natural, more beautiful world.

We stay away from harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients and don't believe in animal testing as we formulate our private label products.

Part of our natural, sustainable approach is to support the moms and babies, making our world go round and round. The best way we can do this is by offering gentle, thought-out organic products with active ingredients that make life easier and more manageable.

Our skincare products are available at an affordable price.

More Naturals Best Products for Mom and Baby

The More Naturals Range of Private Label Formulas

Quite a bit of skin irritation can start with the products our clothing is washed with. So we've developed a Sensitive Skin Hypoallergenic Laundry Soap Powder free from chemicals, effective, and made with simple, natural ingredients. Mom and baby can use this product when skin is extra sensitive, and allergies are heightened.

Mom's Organic Anti-Cellulite Remover Cream is an entirely vegan product formulated with organic aloe and natural oils. We recommend that mama's use this cream twice a day for best results. Make the process an experience! With circular motions starting at the lower half of the body and working your way up, a mini massage will wake up the skin and get your circulation tracking.

We have created a beautiful, organic stretch mark and scar treatment gel. The moisturizing aloe vera, daikon radish, and olive oil deeply nourish the skin and reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks with regular use over time. Pour a generous amount of Mom's Organic Stretch Marks & Scars Treatment Gel into your hands and gently rub into areas such as your back, legs, stomach, and hips.

Many of our More Naturals mamas have raved about our airy-light, soothing nipple cream. This whipped combination is a calming blend of kokum and mango butter, cranberry, raspberry, and English poppy seed oil. Although it's rich in nourishing natural oils, this cream is easily absorbed.

Mom's Nipple Cream Soothing for Sensitive Skin is especially for dry and cracked nipples. It is a beautiful relief tool throughout the breastfeeding journey, helping you through those tough times.

For babies, our Soothing & Moisturizing Baby Cream is made with hydrating aloe and shea butter — rich in fatty acids to soothe and repair dry skin. The added chamomile and calendula extract hold antiseptic properties that work to relieve diaper rash, any irritations, and eczema issues.

More Naturals Pro-Vitamin B5 Baby Wash & Shampoo contains pro-vitamin B5 and pink grapefruit oil. It is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin and boosts the skin's protective layer so that your baby's skin can stay soft, calm, and hydrated. In addition, this baby shampoo does not irritate dry skin.

Before we wrap up on our go-to skin care products, we must mention our Whipped Mango Rescue Baby Butter. This vegan cream is made with only a few simple, natural ingredients. The olive oil and fresh mango extract are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, working against irritations such as diaper rash and eczema. The smell is soft and fruity — inviting a playful air into each use.

More Naturals Best Products for Mom and Baby

Essential Oils for Mom & Baby

We have a range of beautiful essential oils created for babies but benefit moms (and anyone else in the home).

Essential oils are not to be used on little ones under the age of three months. Oils can be used in many different ways; a few drops in warm bathwater, as a spritz (a simple spray bottle with purified water and a few drops of the oil is all you need), or in a diffuser for an all-day heavenly, calming scent.

With the diffuser, you can use a water-based vaporizer or the candle route. Both work perfectly, and you're able to work the scent strength out according to your preferences. Some of our mamas also like to use these oils for massaging their babies.

The ratio to use is one drop per teaspoon of carrier oil, and then blend this well. Warm this between your hands before gently working onto your baby's skin.

Breathe Easy Baby Essential Oil Blend is a vegan baby oils formula specializing in breathing and respiratory issues. The oil can be gently rubbed onto your baby's neck for a soothing, opening effect. It clears congestion and leaves the space calm and relaxed.

For a multi-purpose essential oil, our go-to is the Better Than Kisses Baby Essential Oil Blend. Citrus, ho wood, and lavender oils have been combined to induce sleep, prevent irritations, and create a relaxing, peaceful environment throughout the home. It locks in moisture.

The lavender is soothing for both mom and baby! Another favorite is our Tummy All Better Baby Essential Oil Blend. This combination is a unique blend of eleven essential oils that help relieve discomfort with digestion and tummy aches. Massaging this oil onto your baby's skin will be therapeutic and relaxing.

Calming Baby Essential Oil Blend combines sweet basil, lemon, sweet orange, juniper, wild oregano, and rosemary for creating the ideal environment for a peaceful night's sleep.

Regardless of the essential oil, you decide to go with; the beauty is in the various benefits and calming aromas throughout our range. There's a scent and solution for most of the struggles, and we like to make things as simple as possible for mom and baby.

More Naturals Best Products for Mom and Baby

Get Started on Your Journey of Natural Products

Our wide range of private label products is ideal for beauty businesses looking to incorporate baby products into their offering.

Motherhood is a beautiful but busy and often overwhelming time.

Having your set of go-to products that you know work, and work well, is what can get you through. As a mom, when your baby is uncomfortable with sensitive skin, a sore tummy, congestion, diaper rash, or eczema, your thoughts can't focus on much else. So often, if the little one is struggling, the responsibility is on your shoulders to make the situation as manageable as possible.

We understand the hardships, and we're here to help. Let's ensure a more natural, more beautiful world for mom and baby.

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