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Our Top Five Products Picks For Men

More Naturals believes that men should have access to excellent quality, natural products in the same ways that they're readily available for women and children. When you're using products that work for you, you can tackle your day-to-day with ease. We have a diverse range of practical, natural products designed specifically for men. Our top five product choices are outlined for you below. Whether you're purchasing for yourself, your dad, husband, or partner - this little sum-up can give you an overview of what we have on offer and why it would be the ideal choice for a sustainable, nourishing skincare routine.

The More Naturals Antiperspirant Natural Roll-on Deodorant For Men is an all-natural formulation that will be gentle on the skin but effective enough to keep you feeling confident throughout your busy day. Ingredients such as shea butter, sunflower seed oil, and vitamin E keep the skin moisturized while protecting against rashes and inflammation. We know that you want that security from sweat stains and odors, so we've created this long-lasting roll-on deodorant for all those needs.

The Daily Moisturizing Vitamin C & E Cream for Men is an all-in-one for hydration, protection, and skin revitalization for your everyday skincare needs. Vitamin C gives that extra boost for a healthy, vibrant complexion, and vitamin E works to hydrate and soothe. The focus on these two vitamins for daily nourishment ensures that your skin gets everything needed with a single application. Regardless of age, stage of life, or gender, we strongly recommend a daily beauty routine of proper cleansing and moisturizing.

Shaving is part of life - we can't get away from it, but we can make it more manageable and enjoyable. If we can add a bit of comfort into these moments, routine tasks become less taxing for us and our skin. The Organic Cooling Menthol Aftershave Splash is a moisturizing aftershave with aloe vera juice, calming tea tree oil, and organic witch hazel. It is ideal for relieving redness, razor bumps and keeping the facial skin supple and smooth. This product is super soothing after your shave and sets the foundation for a pleasant and comfortable next one.

Our Ultra Moisturizing Hemp Cream is a wonder for dry skin and our top pick for men struggling with acne or blemishes. Many of our clients have come back with positive feedback on the results. This indulgent hemp cream is mixed with coconut oil, organic aloe vera, natural extracts, and vitamin E. It is highly nourishing! The ingredients are packaged together to create a rich, ultra-moisturizing solution for dehydrated skin. It's perfect for daily use but can also be layered on for a hydrating mask once a week. Our skin can start to feel and show the ripple effects of exposure to pollution, change of seasons, aircon, and heaters. By bringing in a natural moisturizer filled with nourishing ingredients into the mix, you're able to manage your dry skin better. 

Our magic list for men would not be complete without the More Naturals Advanced Menthol & Arnica Muscle Recovery Gel Treatment. This gel-cream is a miracle worker for our athletes and those in training. If you've had a tough day working around the house, an intense workout, maybe you're getting used to a new way of working, or your muscles and joints are just a bit stiff and sore - there is no need to suffer through. This treatment is made with advanced menthol, organic arnica oil, aloe vera, and tea tree oil club to help reduce tension and inflammation, improve circulation, and loosen up the joints' stiffness.

When it comes to finding trusted products for men, it shouldn't have to be a struggle. We don't believe in hiding behind stereotypical macho packaging but giving our community what they need and want. Our products are manufactured with heart. We believe in a sustainable approach with the best and most natural ingredients. Your skin deserves thought and care, and so More Naturals takes your side to bring through the products that make life easier. Feel good about yourself and who you are; feel more natural.

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