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Linen and Laundry Basket Versatile Organic Aloe Spray

  • With a perfectly balanced pH, this simple, yet effective formula of organic aloe, witch hazel, organic white willow bark and tea tree oil can be a lovely all over body spray, a facial refresher, a calming linen spritzer, or great laundry basket defense spray.

    Organic Content 92%
    8 oz
  • Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Rose Ether, Witch Hazel Water, Organic White Willow Bark Extract, Tea Tree Leaf Oil, Arlacel (derived from coconut oil), Organic Alcohol, Monosalt-N (plant derived)
  • Spray directly on clean linens. Hold sprayer approximately six inches from the surface you wish to spray and spritz lightly. A light misting is all that is required.

  • • Organic Aloe Leaf Juice
    • Organic White Willow Bark Extract
    • Witch Hazel Distillate
    • Tea Tree Essential Oil

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2501 - 5000 pcs
5001 - 20000 pcs
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