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Fruity Gummybear Baby Bath Bomb

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This hypoallergenic and gentle bath bomb is made to provide a fantastic bathing experience for babies and toddlers. Made from natural ingredients that are carefully combined to bring relaxation and care, the product will nurture the skin while creating a joyful environment. Once the juicy gummy bear smell and pastel colors unfurl inside the water, they instantly improve the baby’s mood keeping it happy and relaxed. The added coconut oil moisturizes the baby’s sensitive skin achieving optimal hydration.
5 oz


Baking Soda, Citretten, Epsom Salt, Coconut Oil, Natural Fragrance Oil, Aqua, Alkest (derived from vegetable oils), FDA Certified Colorant

How to Apply

Unwrap the bath bomb, and drop it in your tub for some fizzy fun. As the bath bomb soaks in the water, it will begin to break apart, filling the tub with mountains of fluffy, fragrant bubbles.


• Coconut Oil
• Epsom Salt
• Vegan
• No Added Parabens
• No Added Phthalates
• No Added Gluten
• No Added Palm

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