An Essential Oil for Every Mood

We can use essential oils for many different reasons. When choosing an essential oil, the purpose you need it for can help you choose the right one. Think it through — why are you interested in essential oils?

Is it curiosity, a specific condition you’d like to work through, or maybe you’d like to kickstart a new chapter?

In this article, we will take you through our suggestions for essential oils for every mood. If you can uplift your senses, home, and persona in an easy, affordable, and more natural way — why not?

Your Reason For Essential Oils

Furthermore, as the research into the benefits of essential oils gets better and better, we use the mindset of assisting and improving rather than completely curing. When we think of essential oils and their uses, it’s a popular stream to think of relaxation, beautiful scents in a yoga class, and aromatherapy.

We imagine a gentle breeze on a warm day, water flowing through a river, and the ease of life through the eyes of a small child. Just like a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers can brighten and lighten up a room in the home, the gentle scents of essential oils can add a new aura to your chosen space.

It’s normal to go through ups and downs, and as we move through the more complex, trying moods, it can be helpful to have a slight positive boost. Essential oils are easily accessible, can be utilized in many ways, are small and quick to transport, and come in a wide variety. There is an essential oil for every mood.

To Find A Sense Of Calm

Lavender is an essential oil for finding a sense of calm. Our Organic Lavender Essential Oil is widely used for deep relaxation, alleviating anxiety and tension.

A few drops into your diffuser and the entire room is transformed. No diffuser? Fill a spray bottle with two cups of cool, purified water and add those tiny drops. Please give it a whirl, pop on the lid, and prepare to spritz around the room. The scent will linger in the air and help you find your sense of calm.

As you start creating a routine for yourself — your nose will know that certain scents should bring on specific emotions. Perhaps just the thought of your lavender or bergamot essence floating through the home will bring you to a place of peace and restoration.

For Energy When You’re Low

Keeping up our motivation, energy, and zest for life can be challenging. Sometimes, it helps to add a booster to the mix. Organic Peppermint Oil is our go-to essential oil for fuel. This refreshing scent opens nasal passageways and can assist with exercise performance.

Firstly, a popular choice is also our Organic Rosemary Essential Oil. The fact that this scent is used in some of our favorite meals and brings back those beautiful memories is just a bonus! It is not part of the decision to include it as an essential oil for energy — although we love it because of that and more. This study shows rosemary’s positive, stimulatory effects on the nervous system.

To Channel And Come Back To Happiness

The More Naturals Organic Jasmine Essential Oil is a soft, uplifting scent that will help you on the right road back to experience some joy. Citrus oils are an excellent choice for rebooting your day and bringing in a bit of sunshine.

We have an Organic Lemon Essential Oil, Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil, and an Organic Orange Essential Oil available. The citrus scents are upbeat and take us back to summer fruits, carefree days in the sun, and a place of quiet happiness. The lemon essential oil is also great for creating energy and vibrancy.

For Self-Confidence On “Those” Days

The Organic Patchouli Essential Oil has a sweet and musky scent. It’s perfect for the air around you as you prepare for a date or an exciting evening out. It could be the perk-up you need before a big meeting or presentation. We love a bit of this as we try to increase our confidence and channel that beautiful, inner warrior spirit.

Patchouli comes from a flowering plant that grows up to 75 cm high. We recommend a few drops of this essential oil on your body (for safety reasons, always dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil such as virgin olive oil or coconut oil), the diffuser, or to release in the air from your spritzer bottle. When applying the mix to your skin, focus on areas such as your wrists, neck (just behind the ears), and the backside of the knees.

Do a patch test first to ensure the essential oil matches your skin.

The exciting thing about essential oils is the wide variety available. As you start or grow your journey with essential oils, you’ll find what works for you.

You’ll have your household favorites and those you may decide to skip. Each person is unique, and it’s crucial to experience the scents in your way. You may even find that a few essential oils aren’t on this list but make you feel peaceful, happy, or invigorated.

This is part of the fun; finding the vital oil that resonates with your home and unique energy.