The Perfect Nighttime Routine

The time right before bed is essential. Here, you can draw in space for harmony and rest or get worked up and not enjoy the sleep you need. It’s easy for the evening to slide either way!

A nighttime routine is a perfect opportunity to create a peaceful, quiet environment. Regarding your evening schedule, it helps to try and eliminate all of the heavy tasks from the day. If possible, try and separate your daytime responsibilities from your hours in the evening. It helps to make time for things that feel fun and a bit more relaxed. Maybe it’s committing to an exercise class (once you’ve found a studio that resonates with you, you can do this online via Zoom, or there are loads of free workout classes on YouTube) or kicking back on the couch for a cuddle with your dogs. It could be relaxing to make a meal for yourself or your family or have a glass of wine while watching the sunset. Those little moments can start your nighttime routine in a new way.

Are You Tired From Work?

As you get home from work, or if you’re working from home and have finished up for the day, try to switch off from that “office” stress and get into a new mind frame for the evening. We recommend doing something that distinguishes the workday from the evening hours. Maybe it’s shutting your home office door, or if you’ve driven home, played some relaxing music, or listened to a podcast that takes your mind a million miles away. Then, once you walk through the door, you’re in a new space, and your evening can begin. It’s a fresh chapter!

This is the basis for your nighttime routine. Once the groundwork is established, you can dive into the detail. When we discuss the details, we look at your skin, how you feel, and your general health and well-being. At More Naturals, we hold a holistic view of beauty. In addition, we have some essentials that can easily slide into and elevate your nighttime routine. So let’s make it perfect! Adding a bath bomb to your bath can change the experience from quick and ordinary to a little more indulgent and extraordinary.

Nighttime Products We Recommend

Our favorite is the Lavender Bath Bomb and the moisturizing Caribbean Coconut Bath Bomb. The natural ingredients, oils, Epsom salts, and gentle scents make bathing something to cherish and look forward to.

We also have a beautiful, effective assortment of essential oils for better sleep. Whether you pour a few drops into a spray bottle to whizz around the room, add to your diffuser, or blend with a carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil to add to your skin – there are many options. Set the tone for your evening with a scent that speaks to the mood you want to embrace.

Regarding the body wash you choose, you may have different goals. To exfoliate, moisturize, deeply cleanse, or enjoy a natural product that smells wonderful and gets the job done. The Sensitive Skin Chamomile Relaxing Body Wash is enhanced with jojoba oil, organic aloe, and rosehip oil. It’s a product suited to the most sensitive skin and is a relaxing way to wash off the stress of the day, nourish your skin and kickstart the winding down for the night.

For those who want a serious cleanse and some exfoliation, the natural sea salt in our Detoxifying Sea Salt Clear Shower & Bath Gel will tick those boxes while moisturizing the body. The results – soft, supple, and cleansed skin – ready for bed!

Once you’ve enjoyed your bath or shower, you must ease any aching muscles and treat blemishes. Our Antibacterial Arnica & Mint Acne Night Cream is a fantastic all-rounder as it soothes inflammation, hydrates skin and helps prevent and treat acne.


Regardless of the products, time, or other decisions you make to create your perfect nighttime routine, it needs to work for where you are. Our suggestions are just seeds to you planting the life and lifestyle of your dreams. More Naturals has a wide variety of bath and body products. You know what you need more than anyone else, and we’d love to be your partner in living a more natural, more beautiful life. It starts with the small things. Let the end of your day set the tone for a fresh start that you will look forward to.