Why Bath Products Are Trending

Few things beat getting into a warm bath after a long day. It’s a time to reflect, wash away any opposing thoughts or stress from the day, and reset for a lovely evening and peaceful night’s rest. But, no matter your main objective, it’s difficult to argue that a bath soak doesn’t have the potential to transform a bad mood or hard day.

The proper bath and shower products will be necessary to maximize your bath or shower and get the full-out benefit of your time spent in the water. First, it would help to consider what your client likes to gain over and above the cleaning session and time to relax. Do they want to soothe tired muscles? Get their mind and body ready for bed? Quiet and comforting little ones? Maybe the bath product you have in mind is for a client’s partner or family friend that needs a little “me time” or an extra spoil. More Naturals has many options. You can be after a specific bath product to try out for yourself (we offer samples) or a colleague’s business idea. Maybe you’re looking for a product to include in your business offering, brand, hospitality, or guest house range. We love to deliver an all-inclusive experience tailored to your needs.

More Naturals is a private label service. We create all-natural formulations, manufacturing processes, custom designs, packaging solutions, and distribution. In short, we give you the platform to access hundreds of high-quality, natural products to use as your own. So whether you have a beauty, spa, or cosmetic business, are in the hotel industry, or work with makeup or pet brands, we have a solution for you.

More Naturals’ Bath Products

Bath products are trending because they’re a must in any beauty regime. More Naturals has a soft spot for bathtime especially, and we have included a whole range of bath and shower goods for our private label collection. So if you’re in the hospitality industry and want to spoil your guests with an indulgent bath during their stay, you’ll be able to do so professionally and authentically with your packaging and labeling. It’s part of our offering to guide you from start to finish.

Perhaps you have guests visiting on honeymoon – our Vanilla & Caramel Bath Bomb will be a highlight for evening romance and relaxation. We have added Epsom salts and coconut oil to this product – the perfect combination for unwinding and hydrating. Our clients appreciate that our private-label products contain natural ingredients, are sulfate, paraben, and mineral oil, and are cruelty-free. Quality and work ethic are a priority for us.

Bedtime Milk & Strawberries Baby Bath Bomb

The Bedtime Milk & Strawberries Baby Bath Bomb has a soft berry smell that babies love. This product is gentle enough for little ones, but adults love it too. The ingredients nurture sensitive skin but provide enough hydration to make a difference.

Many of our spa clients like to include this Moisturizing Oatmeal & Honey Bath Bomb as a take-home gift after treatment or as an additional product to extend the pampering at home. For those looking to detox and rewire, our Refreshing Green Tea Bath Bomb is a hit. Having various products at home or on offer for clients will keep things exciting and ensure that you meet differing needs.

Beauty businesspeople, experts, and spa owners often offer Epsom Salts as part of their after-care package for avid sports enthusiasts, those with injuries, or clients who need to soothe aching muscles. This pure product is loaded with minerals and is easy to use. We recommend pouring the salts into a warm bath. Gently stir with your hand, and get ready to relax! To ramp up this experience, pair your bath salt product with a fragrance or essential oil. We wrote an entire article about the best essential oils for various moods here. It will help you decide which one to go with when they all sound equally inviting.

If you decide on the Epsom Salts, we love using a few Apple & Cinnamon Fragrance Oil drops for a complete, therapeutic bath experience. The warm smell of apples with the natural cinnamon essence is relaxing and stimulating. In addition, cinnamon has many beautiful and beneficial properties of its own. When thinking through the bath products for your range, you can keep these tips in mind.


Regardless of your business setup, goals, or current bath time ritual, you can find a way to bring in the right bath product for every type of client and need. We’ve seen many of our beauty business clients add a bath product to their range as a gift for customers. It can be a beautiful experience for you to cherish and look forward to enjoying. Deciding to include a bath product will never go out of fashion as it’s a must for us all. If creating an evening routine may feel foreign, we’ve written an article outlining the basic steps. There will be some additional product ideas here too. So bring a bath product to your day, your client’s day, and experience the joy of these always-trending products.