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The Benefits of an Anti-cellulite, Skin Firming, Caffeine Body Wash

It can be challenging to find a product that will improve the skin surface. If this is your goal, using a caffeine-infused body wash can stimulate blood flow - helping tone, nourish and tighten the skin. 

Coffee is rich in antioxidants, and if you enjoy the awakening aroma - this wash will be heavenly! We understand the insecurities that cellulite can bring; wearing a tank top at the gym or in a costume on a hot day at the beach. If you're after a pro-active approach - this product could be what you're looking for.

Our moisturizing, anti-cellulite, skin firming, caffeine body wash contains 100% Arabica coffee, glycerin, and a beautiful meadowfoam seed oil - a perfect combination to smooth away impurities increasing circulation to the skin. The meadowfoam seed oil creates a soft, loving paste without leaving the greasy residue behind. With regular use of this body wash, you'll have less water retention and enjoy more blood flow to the areas you've been focusing on.

There is also added Provitamin B to keep moisture locked into the skin. This ensures that you get optimal benefits while working towards a firmer, less dimpled skin surface appearance. When it comes to cellulite, we believe that there needs to be a balanced approach. Using the right product is crucial, but you also need to ensure that you're taking a holistic stance. Taking in enough fluids (especially water), moving your body regularly, and eating a diverse range of whole and nourishing foods are vital to the journey. 

Start and end your day by taking care of yourself and your skin. Your body will thank you! When you shower or bath, apply a thumb-size portion of the anti-cellulite wash into your hand and work into a lather. Enjoy the rich smell and dream texture! Apply this to the areas quite vigorously until you see a gentle redness appear. This is the blood working its way to the surface. Once you've continued in circular motions for a few minutes, rinse off, towel off and enjoy the lingering coffee smell. 

Now, for a cup of real coffee!

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