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What is a White-glove/White-label Service?

A white-label or private-label service is where a business buys products manufactured or sourced from another company and then rebrands these to serve as their own. When we refer to white-glove service, it means attention to detail, excellent service, and making life easier for our clients. When starting a journey with a white-label or white-glove service, the offering must resonate with your own.

More Naturals provides you with the platform to choose from a wide variety of high-quality natural beauty and wellness products that will take your business to the next level. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our online platform, we’re able to source the beauty products you need, whether it be organic, vegan, or natural.

We are proud to be the go-to for starting up and growing your natural beauty business with ease. The More Naturals team has taken the time to research and source the best products so that you can focus on scaling your business. From skincare, hair, beauty, fragrance, baby, wellness, pet products, and more - our heart is in bringing out the best for our community.

More Naturals ensure that you can have access to bulk, customized products at industry-leading turnaround times. This approach ensures that the personal touch is clear - making your business stand out from the rest. Our white-label/private-label products are the first step to ensuring that your clients and potential clients receive trusted beauty products that produce results. We can assist from start to finish: our in-house designers can jump in with logo creation, design and packaging, and we have content creators on board to help with your wording and branding. It's an all-inclusive More Naturals solution tailored to your business needs.

The approach to detail in our white-glove service with a focus on organic, natural, and custom products is what sets us apart. If you have any questions, we can help you through the process with a quick chat on our website.We also have a comprehensive FAQ page that will tackle any thoughts that are still lingering. Browse now, and get your beautiful white-label journey started!

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